The Clymb: Seven Tips for Practicing Yoga by Yourself


Life hap­pens. You’ll encounter stub­born obsta­cles wedged directly between you and your well inten­tioned plans to stop by your yoga stu­dio. A last-minute appoint­ment; a sur­prise bliz­zard; or a per­sis­tent cough that make fel­low yogis shift their mats away from you.

If you’re keen on prac­tic­ing yoga but can’t make it to the stu­dio, take mat­ters into your own hands by becom­ing your own yoga teacher. Don’t sweat it if you for­get your train­ing or your chants! Many times, prac­tic­ing solo allows you to focus entirely on the intrin­sic.

A few summers ago, I spent a month by myself in the South of France. It was magical– but at times, very lonely. Every night, I spent an hour “teaching” myself yin yoga. I set up sequences, assembled the perfect playlist, and used all kinds of weird props, like a cardboard box instead of a block. I drew on this first experience with my own home practice for this article.

Publication: The Clymb

Title: Seven Tips for Practicing Yoga by Yourself


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