The Clymb: Six Yoga Terms, Decoded


“Now melt your heart toward the ground,” instructs your yoga teacher as you bow sto­ically into a down­ward fac­ing dog. Melt your heart? What does that even mean?

The world of yoga can some­times seem like it’s taught in a secret lan­guage. Of course, the San­skrit words are usu­ally unfa­mil­iar, unless you hap­pen to be flu­ent in Sanskrit—but even words and terms in plain Eng­lish can be con­fus­ing. Here’s a guide to some of the most com­mon yoga lingo, and what your teacher really means when they’re ask­ing you to fold forward.

I love yoga because I get something different out of every class. A few weeks ago, I spent a class listening– I mean really listening– to every word the teacher said. I realized that there are a lot of funny words used in yoga, so I spent savasana coming up with a list of weird yoga terms. As soon as I got out of class, I wrote the list down in my phone. I know you’re supposed to spend savasana pushing thoughts away, but sometimes, it’s where my greatest thoughts happen.

Publication: The Clymb

Title: Six Yoga Terns, Decoded


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