Mountain Life: Wake Up, World: Pretty Faces is (Almost) Here

So when a film like Pretty Faces comes along, only one word comes to mind: finally. Finally, a film that showcases talented female skiers and snowboarders. Finally, something in the mainstream ski and snowboard industry that celebrates athleticism over attractiveness. Finally, a ski film that inspires girls and women to learn to ski, to love to ski, and to become great at the sport.

If you really want to get me going, talk about women in the ski industry. Nothing makes me more irate than when magazines (or blogs or movies or…) take an incredibly accomplished professional skier, and reduce her to being the “world’s hottest skier”. Arghhhhhhh.

Hearing about Pretty Faces, a film that celebrates all aspects of women and mountain sports, I was so, so, so excited. I’m really hoping that this film is a huge success. My dream is for our society to recognize female athletes (and to value their worth) in the same way that we recognize male athletes. I really think this film is a step in the right direction.

Title: Wake Up, World: Pretty Faces is (Almost) Here

Publication: Mountain Life


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