Mountain Life: Why David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour Matters

For most of us, fresh water is a tap-twist away. Taking a breath of clean air is as easy as stepping outside the front door. Glorious, pristine wilderness stretches from coast to coast—I mean, have you seen the incredible vistas in those Tourism Canada ads?

It’s easy to forget that the resources that are so readily accessible to us are, in fact, finite. Access to clean air, fresh water, and healthy food is far from being guaranteed.

The Blue Dot Tour is hoping to change all that—starting with you.

Writing can be a pretty cool process.

When I was first assigned to write about David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour, I had a lot of questions. What does the Blue Dot Tour really do? It all seemed so wishy-washy: what was it really about? What were the goals, and what actions would come of it?

Then, I realized — duh — that anyone reading my post about it would have the very same questions. After doing my research, I was convinced that the Blue Dot Tour was the real deal, so I made it my mission to convince others the same.

Publication: Mountain Life

Title: Why David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour Matters


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